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Roulette has entertained millions of people since it was first played in the 18th century. With a history that spans well over 200 years there has to be some secret to this game that makes people coming back for more.

There have been many, many people selling the magic secret to Roulette since it was first introduced. Perhaps you've heard of the Martingale system? If you haven't we've covered it a long with many other popular Roulette systems that have all been designed to win the user of the system a pocket full of cash.

Each of these systems have been computer tested and they all pro port to have a positive outcome. While we have not had time to independently verify these claims, we feel that presenting these systems in an open fashion is important as many of these systems get recycled every few years with a new name and sold to a new batch of unsuspecting players looking for a quick win.

We've taken some very complicated system explanations with mathematical equations and figures and boiled down the important information into a easily understandable explanation which can be in turn immediately used to test these systems out for yourself.

We strongly recommend that you test any Roulette system you find on this site at an online casino like Golden Casino or Golden Palace for free before you risk your hard earned money. By playing the free version of these casinos you can get a solid understanding of how the Roulette System works before you play for real money.

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